6. Filmkreis Shorts

Informationen zum Filmabend 

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AWARDS and prize money 

All filmmakers will be contacted during the next week on how to arrange the transfer of the prize money. If for some reason you should not receive a email from us and are the director of the movie please contact us at shorts@filmkreis.de.


1. Screw the Boys (300€) 

This cheeky, canadian comedy had one decisive benefit, that the other films didn't have that much – courage. Your could find it not just in the aggressive resistance of the teen protagonist, but on the levels of design itself. The filmmakers prioritized an innovative and original look, instead of playing it save with a flawless design. And so choose a nostalgic coloration, a retro-looking image format and a disharmonious musical theme. These decisions may not appeal to everybody, but it surely will gain their attention. The Jury especially liked the shifting between an objective, central perspective arrangement to a more subjective view of the camera. Through this active participating gaze, the camera itself becomes some kind of an aware narrator and helps the audience to follow the characters thoughts.
Screw the Boys is all in all a film with rough edges and intended flaws. With a lot of love for details and ambition, several levels of design were considered to create a film, that does not simply fit the „classical beauty ideal“ of competitive short films, but to stand out.
Beyond that, the story of an overdriven emancipation, that becomes a generell misandry, but returns to a conciliatory, more sophisticated consideration of individuals, is not just up-to-date but timeless.
Screw the boys ist what the title promises – cheeky, rebellious and entertaining.

2. Lioness (200€)

Kids are liable for their parents – that is not how a Parents-Kids-Relationship should work, but unfortunately it often fits to the reality. The films shows an example of a strong girl named Leo, who has to come along with the challenges of the confusing times of adolescence, in addition to helping her mentally ill father without the support of her very busy mother. The film frames this serious topic very careful in a coherent, cinematic world. The dismal coloring, the gloomy, natural illumination and the despondent undertone appear as a permanent reminder of the constant strain that the protagonist is exposed to. Even the details, as the poem thats been analyzed in class, or the repeated use of the color blue, focuses on the issue of depression. Furthermore the jury appreciated the acting talent of the two girls and the open and nagging ending, because it encourages the audience to empathize. The film seems like a classical candidate for the podium of shortfilm-festivals, because it presents an emotional topic, through very good actors, in a coherent, well-thought setting. 

3. Crocodile (100€)

Cocodrilo is a film that some of our jury-members had seen before at other festivals. That's not very surprising, because it is a film that combines a heart-warming family story, a timeless topic, with a more recent form of communication. From the beginning on, the viewer gets caught by the unusual sight of a middleaged women, who views an online gaming-stream and immediately starts to puzzle about what might lay behind it. The idea of using a streaming-chat as a place for a deep, emotional and complex moment of a beginning reconciliation between a mother and her son is surprising and new. Even the orchestration of the moment of recognition is well deliberated. Trough the zoom onto the screen, creating a close-up of the boys surprised face, an emotional depth is been established, that normally is contrary to the more reserved kind of online-communication. The anonymized act of chatting collapses in the moment of emotional connection, through the encoded message. 



1. Screw the Boys (200€) 

2. Pizza (125€)

3. Matilde's First Day (75€)

Selected films for the 6. filmkreis shorts 

the following shortfilm's where selected for the 6th Filmkreis Shorts event on 30.01.2020. We will be contacting all selected filmmakers individually during the next days. 

  • Lioness
  • The cleaning service
  • Fuse
  • Screw the boys
  • The Bribe
  • Pizza
  • The Pornographer
  • Aquarium
  • Matilde's First Day
  • Mindfoolness

These 11 films where selected out of 1218 submissions with a complete running time of about 207 hours. 

AM Donnerstag, den 30. Januar 2020

Die sechste Ausgabe der Filmkreis Shorts erwartet euch im Januar 2020. Wir präsentieren euch wie gewohnt ein bunt durchmischtes Programm von ca. 2 Stunden Länge mit aller Art von Kurzfilmen. Wenn ihr selber Kurzfilme dreht seid ihr hiermit dazu aufgerufen euren Film vom 15.07.2019 bis 17.08.2019 (23:59CET) bei uns einzureichen. Mit etwas Glück gewinnt euer Film einen der Publikums- oder  Jurypreise. Alle Informationen und was ihr dabei beachten müsst findet ihr unten.

Welche Kurzfilme es schlussendlich ins Programm geschafft haben veröffentlichen wir im Dezember an dieser Stelle.

Filmeinreichungen BIS 17.08.2019 möglich

Bitte beachtet das sich im  Reglement der 6. Filmkreis Shorts ( PDF ) einige Punkte im Vergleich zum Vorjahr geändert haben! Das  Formular zur Filmeinreichung ist unter  https://filmkreis.de/shortsform-de-en.html  zu finden. Sollten mehr als 5 Filme eingereicht werden sollen (z.B. von Filmhochschulen, ... ) besteht nach Absprache mit uns (shorts@filmkreis.de) auch die Möglichkeit einer Sammeleinreichung.

Kontakt zur Filmkreis Shorts Orga Gruppe  

Bei Fragen kannst Du Dich an shorts@filmkreis.de wenden.

Filmkreis Shorts Information in English Language 

The 6. Filmkreis Shorts will take place on 30.January 2020. We will present you a diverse program of about 2 hours running time with short films of all kind. If you are a filmmaker please feel free to submit your film to the contest. With a bit of luck you may win one of the audience prices or jury prices. The submission deadline is 17.08.2019 23:59 CET

If you are a film lover you have the opportunity to decide which short film will get the hard-fought audience price.

A English translation of the German Filmkreis Shorts Rules can be downloaded in  PDF ! Please be aware that a few rules have changed from the last years Filmkreis Shorts! Be aware that in any case of a legal dispute the German version is the binding one.

The online submission form can be found at https://filmkreis.de/shortsform-de-en.html.

If you have any questions you can contact us at shorts@filmkreis.de .